Backflow Prevention Devices

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Backflow is a situation where water flows in the opposite direction to what is intended. In a normal situation, water and waste from an office or home will only flow one way – normally away from the dwelling and into the sewer system.

Backflow can occur in a number of circumstances, but is more commonly found where this is a disruption to the water supply or where there is a lot of variation in the water pressure.

Naturally the impacts of backflow into your system can be harmful, as they can allow pollutants or contaminants to enter your fresh water or drinking water supplies. For this reason, Xceptional Plumbing service, repair and install a range of Backflow prevention devices which allow normal water flow, but restrict water from flowing the wrong way.

Backflow prevention devices come in a range of sizes for different applications, with the larger and high pressure models also subject to registration with the water authorities and require regular testing. Regular servicing and maintenance of these devices is critical to ensure they protect your water supply.

To fully understand your options in relation to Backflow prevention devices and the best way to maintain them, please contact us for an on-site review and assessment.

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