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Common symptoms of a blocked drain:

  • Toilets very slow to drain away
  • Audible gurgling from plumbing system
  • A nasty smell or odour
  • Sewerage or other discharge, overflowing outside

All of these indicate that you have a blockage, and they may present very quickly. 

The simple things to know about block drains:

  • They generally won’t unblock by themselves
  • They can get worse very quickly
  • Blockages will normally cause an overflow - somewhere

Clearing and reparing your blocked drain

As there are many potential causes for a blocked drain, we use a range of different types of equipment to examine, clear and then repair blocked drains.

The simple blockages are cleared with plunging or pressure pumping, whereas the more difficult blockages may require mechanical clearing with a sectional sewer machine or water Jetter system.

CCTV equipment is then available to confirm what caused the blockage and, whether there is any damage that requires further works to prevent reoccurrence.

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