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Plumbing Services for Melbourne’s South Eastern & Bayside Suburbs

When you need a plumber, what concerns you the most?

  • That they will be able to get things working again quickly
  • Whether you can afford to pay the bill
  • That they can stop any further damage being done
  • You have the ability to speak to someone who knows what they are doing

At Xceptional Plumbing, we don’t just claim exceptional service…we live it. Our Plumbers are fully qualified and experienced to enable the quick assessment and correction of faults. Assisted with the latest technology, this means less inconvenience and cost to you.

Xceptional Plumbing, providing plumbing solutions with ease.

Emergency plumbing repair work - hot water service, burst pipes, sewage repair, faulty heating units & gas leaks
Residential plumbing – from sewer and storm water to roof works, we cover all of your plumbing maintenance and replacement needs
Drain blockages - tree roots, sewer issues, foreign matter & toys, stormwater blockages can be fixed quickly with minimal disruption to the ground or neighbors
CO / Gas Safety inspections – safety testing for life threatening leaks
Essential Service reviews - quality assurance, OHS and compliance needs 
Specialty Commercial works - Backflow prevention, Fire Services and Preventative Drain Reviews


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  • "How much will it cost to replace my Hot Water Service?", is the anguished comment we often hear when the old faithful hot water service has finally given up the ghost.
    The give-away signs that they are starting to fail include a lot of fluctuation in the temperate of the hot water and continuous discharge from the overflow.......
Specialist Equipment

Specialist Equipment

Our specialized equipment provides superior service and saves money. For more detail on how, contact us to discuss what we can do for you.

Online Portal Login

Online Portal Login

Book and monitor jobs directly from your smart phone with our OnLine Customer Portal. Contact us for registration and passcodes.

About the Company

About the Company

Xceptional Plumbing enjoys the backing of a large commercial plumbing company which has been operating in excess of 35 years.

Service Standards

Xceptional Plumbing is run to the following standards to provide you with the highest level of service and confidence.

  1. The safety of our Customers, the Public and our Team is a core principle and will not be compromised
  2. Emergency calls – day or night, are acted upon “same day”
  3. We assess all out of hours calls to confirm that they are an Emergency call out, otherwise we will allocate as a priority call for the next business day
  4. Phone enquiries – we strive to pick up all calls straight away
  5. All call backs are completed within an hour