Thermostatic Mixing Valves Installation and Service

Thermostatic Mixing Values (TMV) are a special plumbing value which blends hot water with cold water in a controlled way to provide a constant “warm water” temperature.

The prime benefits of TMV’s is that they allow the water temperature to be set at a controlled level – which means that outlet temperatures are maintained at a safer level and guard against scalding.

TMV’s also provide better management for bacteria, have been shown to save water and provide for a consistent temperature flow for the user.

TMV’s are used widely in commercial applications, and form part of the plumbing specification for the Aged Care facilities. When used in these commercial applications, TMV’s require regular servicing to ensure that the safety features of the value continue to operate within the required standards.

Xceptional Plumbing has had extensive experience with TMV’s via our Aged Care clients and we provide a full range of preventative service programs for them.

To gain a fuller understanding of how to correctly maintain the TMV’s in your operation, contact us today for a no obligation discussion.

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