How much will it cost to replace my Hot Water Service?

How much will it cost to replace my Hot Water Service?
"How much will it cost to replace my Hot Water Service?", is the anguished comment we often hear when the old faithful hot water service has finally given up the ghost.
Of late, we have replaced a number of the old gravity feed hot water services which were housed in the ceiling of the home. These were the more traditional type of hot water systems installed back in the 50’s-80’s. The give-away signs that they are starting to fail include a lot of fluctuation in the temperate of the hot water and continuous discharge from the overflow (normally out of a small pipe on the side of the house).
If you have an old hot water service and see either of these, then a service call to check the system is your best move.
But when the inevitable does happen and your old system does fail, then you will need to allow a broad budget of $2,000-3,000 to replace it.
The preferred system is typically an external gas hot water unit. These units are neat, easy operate and very efficient. Another significant benefit of these is that hot water will now be coming to your tap under pressure, rather than being gravity fed from the old unit. With 5-10 year warranties, 10-15 year lifespans and coupled with lower operating costs, these new units provide very good value for money.
The old system is decommission by a licensed electrical, drained and left in the ceiling so your roof space is not damaged and you avoid the cost of having to remove it.
For those homes who don’t have gas connected, you have electric and/or solar options also available. Like the gas unit, these are located outside - normally on the back side of the house with all of the other services.
The hot water service market has a number of brands and many different sizes available, so there will be one to match your budget and need. To find out more about the best hot water solution for your home, call us today for a no obligation assessment.